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Below is a selection of the services I provide:

3D Modelling

I can model virtually anything from a shoe, to entire buildings from full Architectural drawings or just a sketch. The level of detail is infinite all depending on what will be seen in the renders.

I've had 5 years experience in modelling on a variety of platforms each using a different tool set to model the required models/scenes.   


After the modelling has been completed the next stage is to render the model into an image, but a bare untextured model looks quite bland once rendered. To create photo-realistic renders the model needs to be full textured and correct lighting needs to be applied to get the best results.

The three main types of scene that requires specific lighting are; Interior, Exterior and Studio Lighting

4D Sequencing

I have produced over 20 different 4D sequences, using Navisworks to link 3D models to a build programme. Adding the 4th Dimension of time to a model can really bring the scene to life and show you accurately what is happening where, and at what time.

Once the sequence has been produced certain points in time can be selected and those scenes can be rendered to a high photo-realistic quality.


A 3D Model without the 4th dimension is just a static model, as soon as movement is added it becomes an animation. 3ds Max is the main platform in which I create all my animations, I can rig characters, carry out complex camera movements and make any 3D model do just about anything.

Then after the animating has finished it is then rendered into a video file. 


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